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Giving women their best day, every day

If anyone embodies the CAJ Beauty lifestyle and message, our creator, owner, designer and influencer, Andi Black is that person! Andi’s experience as a beauty guru threads throughout her experience, always making beauty-on-the-go a fun priority in a busy life. Before becoming a full-time mom to Beau, Kyle and Cole, Andi’s career as a backup singer put her in a performance spotlight that would circle back in years to come, as a star on Bravo’s series, “Secrets & Wives.” Andi’s path to founding CAJ Beauty, though not traveling a straight line, has been a colorful, expansive road motivating her to create a product line that gives women their best day, every day.  CAJ stands for “Care Amplify Joy.” She knows, just like you do, there has to be a better way to look your best when you emerge from your front door instead of trips to an expensive, time-consuming salon! Not one to wait for someone else to develop beauty products that give daily, salon-worthy results with the best ingredients possible, Andi started formulating them from scratch. As a committed businesswoman on a mission, creating CAJ Beauty is Andi’s way of bringing easy, self-care to all women who have the highest standards of quality and luxury.


David Evangelista

Caj Beauty Brand Ambassador

David Evangelista began his career 20 years ago and he immediately began styling hair for celebrities worldwide. He spent countless hours on talk shows such as The Rosie O’Donnel Show and The Early Show and has been nominated for five Emmy Awards. Yet it is his work with what he calls “the new celebrity,” – wonderful women across the globe who don’t need to walk a red carpet to be the most beautiful.

“I want Caj Beauty to remind women of their wonderful individuality. I want them to aspire to be no one but themselves and realize the beauty they already posses with Caj Beauty.”